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Access Capture’s array of performance testing resources makes it the perfect tool for you to ensure that every application in your IT estate is optimised. This ability has allowed us to drastically increase employee productivity and allow technical and non-technical personnel to gain actionable insights over an organisations IT estate.


The ROI expected for one client over the next three years using Access IT Automation’s products.


We can accelerate the migration timeline four times quicker than traditional, outdated methods.


Working days saved on one project by testing all applications at once, rather than with various resources.


Cost saving by automating the current manually labour-intensive processes for packaging and testing applications.

Efficient UAT and EUX testing

Testing can quickly become one of the biggest bottlenecks in any desktop migration remediation program. Access Capture eliminates this by streamlining and automating the testing process by deploying a configurable, all-in-one workflow.

Better and faster

Access Capture’s cutting-edge automation techniques can help your organization cut away the rigid, labor-intensive, and lengthy processes that many enterprises still use today. It’s time to do away with costly and frustrating packaging and testing and time to enter the future of automation.

Application release and enablement

With your newly packaged application tested and released, it is time to make it visible to authorized users, so they can begin to become more productive. To ensure the product is maintained and up to date, this may require an associated forward path for various platform types of specific products.

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