API Driven Packaging & Testing

Our API-driven, modular solution provides flexibility with best-in-class automated packaging and testing functionality.

Key benefits

Existing Workflows

Our API-driven application packaging and testing automation can already fit into your existing workflows, integrating easily with minimal fuss.

Enterprise Scalability

Using minimal resources, you can customize smart workflows to work with your environment and infrastructure while being able to scale up and down instantly.

Time Savings

Reduce the time to discover, scan, package and test your applications from days to minutes with our sophisticated automation techniques.

Increase efficiency through CMD

To increase the efficiency of automation, Access Capture centrally manages and controls the records and policy files (e.g., user profiles, including all regional settings, colours) of every product and application in a newly created, or existing Change Management Database (CMD).

Extensive testing capabilities

Whether it is automated performance, user acceptance, or end user experience testing, Access Capture has extensive testing capabilities to ensure your testing is reliable, yet enjoyable for non-tech users and tech users alike.

Controlled self-service

Ensure your apps are following your corporate and IT policies whilst having full confidence that they load and run without any errors and without exceeding any predefined performance thresholds — all while empowering your app owners!

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