Access IT Automation has become a Platinum Sponsor of the EUC Forum, the leading community for End User Computing in the UK. The EUC Forum brings together professionals from across the EUC space to discuss issues, explore new technologies, and build closer relationships.  The EUC Forum hosts several events throughout the year across the UK, from formal meetings to more informal meet-up events. The free-to-attend events are vendor-agnostic and feature presentations from industry leaders as well as networking opportunities.  The EUC Forum is also an advocate for EUC technologies and innovations, with over 2,000 members, a growing online audience, and well-attended in-person events.   

Proud to Be Part of the EUC Ecosystem 

David Butler-McAllister, Access IT Automation’s Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, welcomed the sponsorship announcement. Access IT Automation is one of only three platinum-level sponsors of the EUC Forum.  David said: “We are proud to be part of the EUC ecosystem and we have participated in several EUC Forum events as attendees and speakers. It therefore makes perfect sense for us to become a Platinum Sponsor.  “We believe there will be significant growth opportunities in the EUC space over the coming years, especially when there is a strong community and well-established relationships. After all, there is no single technology or platform that can deliver an all-encompassing EUC solution to a micro-business let alone a large corporation.  “Working together, formally and informally, is the way forward. We see the EUC Forum as a great platform to share ideas and foster connections that will help deliver on the benefits that EUC technologies offer.”   

The Importance of EUC Technologies in the Modern Workplace 

EUC is an umbrella term that includes technologies that deploy, manage, and secure the devices, applications, and data that employees need to do their jobs. Almost all businesses use EUC technologies in some form, although more joined-up and structured approaches are becoming more common.    The benefits of EUC technologies include: 
  • Enhanced productivity, not least because users can use the devices, open the apps, and access the data that they need when they need it. 
  • Reduces costs, from the costs of delivering major IT projects such as Windows migrations to day-to-day operational costs, such as support ticket management and resolution. 
  • Improved scalability with reduced provisioning times and enhanced levels of user self-service. 
  • Enhanced cybersecurity control in the hands of technology teams to ensure procedures, policies, and protocols are adhered to. 
  • Improved compliance with better control over who has access to what, especially data. 
  • Improved user experience in terms of performance, availability, and interactions with technical resources, both physical and virtual. 
  • Reduced downtime as a result of technology failures, challenges, and errors. 

At the Heart of the UK’s EUC Community 

David described the EUC community in the UK as vibrant and innovative, a situation he expects will only improve.  David said: “Wherever you look and whoever you talk to in the EUC space, you see enthusiasm, innovation, and a passion for delivering real-world benefits for customers. In fact, you can see this in every event the EUC Forum hosts.  “And from where I am sitting, things are only going to improve. AI technologies are developing at pace, while automation is a central component of our products at Access IT Automation.  “We are also seeing the growth of edge computing in the EUC space, DEX (digital employee experience) is more important than ever, and we are seeing more and more customers, particularly corporate customers, switch to multi-cloud environments. And XaaS – everything-as-a-service – is now becoming the norm.  “I can’t think of a more exciting area of technology to work in because of the breadth of technologies, the passion of the people involved, and the tangible improvements that we can make to companies and their bottom lines, as well as to individual employees.  “We are delighted to be involved with the EUC Forum as a sponsor and we are looking forward to meeting up with everyone at the next event in June. See you there!”.   

EUC Forum Summer Meeting 

The next EUC Forum event is the Summer Meeting on the 18th of June at The Spine in Liverpool. Attendance is free (you can register on the EUC Forum website) and the Access IT Automation team will be there. Register your attendance today.