Automated App Testing

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Reinvent the way you test applications with Access Capture’s numerous testing capabilities. Whether utilising our interactive or automated testing, Capture can provide further stability, quality and flexibility

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Interactive Testing


Incorporating QA, UAT, and Smoke Testing Access Capture’s Interactive Testing functionality gives users a flexible method of testing the distribution, full features, and functionality of an application. Our unique interactive approach to testing gives your teams the ability to save through automation of VM management and the creation and distribution of the applications using the various deployment systems we support. This gives an estimated 40/50% time saving on manual processes, whilst allowing you to centrally manage testing and integrate into other workflow systems. Our interactive testing allows users to self-service when they UAT test or repeat UAT test on new/changed company builds, whilst also ensuring of future proofing any investment made in packaging translates to testing the product on various platforms with app owner sign off.

Automated Testing


Automated Testing enables organisations to bulk test applications installation routines and launches where each application shortcut is launched. Our automated app testing solution allows you to automatically test apps to ensure they are working, whilst also checking the investment you made in app packaging works across different Windows changes, or company builds / environments. Easily extended with separate Access Capture add-ins this process can be customised to ensure that additional functionality can be easily integrated. Our automated testing has helped enterprises save time and money, with major organisations saving 95% of their testing resources in some cases.

App Performance Indicator Testing


Access Capture’s Performance Testing capabilities allow you to gather performance data on any executables contained within the package or even executables outside of the package. Our user-friendly UI can produce a PDF report through underlying data from our API – giving you detailed graphs based on each metric. This method of testing has helped resources within organizations to sign off apps quicker and easier.

Launch & Load (Smoke) Testing


95% task and resource reduction as this autonomous job type testing multiple apps on multiple o/s builds. Ensure application install and launch success from any Windows as a Service change to your core build

Access Captures’ API driven technology allows us to give your IT teams the testing process they need when they need it, on-demand.


Whether it’s UAT, QA, Smoke Testing, or Launch and Load Testing, we can help application/product owners to self-service a VM, with correct OS, save on resources dramatically and help you gather performance indicators to help improve quality, whilst finding issues.



Automation allows for improved quality within overall app testing, allowing resources to concentrate on more complex projects.


Download recordings of each mouse click from a testing sequence into a PDF and make sure your audits are up to date.


Access Capture’s performance testing allows you to choose from 100’s of different counters/metrics to allow teams to make informed decisions.


Ensure desktop platform stability across multiple platforms, making sure all apps are working correctly while integrating with current workflows.

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What our customers have to say

Due to the products API-driven automation we had flexibility to use only what we needed. Our resource optimisation and time saving were phenomenal.

Large Management Consultancy

App Packaging & Testing Manager

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With API-driven technology Access Capture allows you to automatically package, test and publish apps, helping reduce high IT costs, decreasing packaging and testing time from days to minutes



A customised, faster way to scan apps

Scan your organisation’s entire software repository and gain a more detailed understanding.




Make the Complex Simple

Enable app owners to easily create of package documentation faster through industry leading automation technology and reduce reliance on resources for low level tasks.




A customised, faster way to package apps

Automatically package apps within MSIX, AppV, AppVolumes, and AppAttach. Create as many as 1,500 MSI packages in as little as three days with a 90% success rate.




Create a faster, better testing process

The testing process you need when you need it, on-demand. Save as much as 95% on resources, and help you gather performance indicators to help improve quality.



Deploy apps with confidence

Publish applications in a controlled fashion, as part of a new or current workflow. Better consistency when deploying applications within any environment.