What Makes a Great Technology Partnership

Mutual respect and trust in each other’s offerings, this is how we build, support, and maintain collaboration with our partners.

System Integrator Partners

We integrate our Automation Solutions (Access Symphony – Endpoint Management and Access Capture – Application Management) into their managed service delivery to accelerate their customers’ end user experience during digital transformation initiatives and improve overall continuous delivery and outcome by adopting new technologies.

Access IT Automation’s system integrator partners include

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Lenovo is one of the world’s leading technology companies. Respected for product innovation and quality, they are industry leaders with their trusted devices and services.

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Empower Managed Service Providers and Enterprise IT Professions to Deploy, Manage, and Optimise Virtual Desktops in Microsoft Azure.

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IGEL is one of the leading international IT software companies, who offer innovative Edge Operating System solutions in end-user computing.

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WWT is a privately held global technology service provider, helping the world's largest and most innovative organisations think differently about technology.

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TLUX specialises in all aspects of Application Packaging, Operating System Migration, Installation Authoring as well as overseeing software deployment projects of all kinds.

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Technology Partners

Access IT Automation’s technology partners include a variety of industry leading enterprise ready platforms that we natively integrate with. Access IT Automation solutions provide our partners with enhanced capabilities in the areas of collecting, monitoring and actioning automation based on data from their customers technology assets, usage, and application detail.

Empowering individuals and organisations worldwide. By providing tools, software, and services, Microsoft aims to enable people and businesses to accomplish more.

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VMware is a leading provider of multi-cloud services for all apps, enabling digital innovation with enterprise control.

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Workflows that bring organisations of any size, in every industry, smarter, faster, and better ways to work.

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Simplifying the Mobilisation and Management of Windows Applications Across Modern Desktop and Multi-Cloud Environments.

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Digital Platform Conductor, providing full visibility across your whole estate for managing and orchestrating all types of technology migrations.

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Liquit makes applications and end users work harmoniously and transparently in the way that everyone demands and expects.

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Liquidware is the premier provider of third-party Windows digital workspace management solutions used by enterprise organizations around the world.

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