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Release Date: 8/05/2020

Access Capture v3.1.0


General Updates

  • Certain types can now be “logically deleted” – they are no longer available for use but remain in the database for auditing reasons
  • Licensing now allows more permutations of expiry date, allowed job types, number of allowed jobs, etc.
  • Added Automated Launch (smoke) Testing job type with screen recording evidence
    WMI Performance measurements, not just the standard 4 (CPU, MEM, Handles, and IOPs)
  • Service Now Integration (APIs available in our Swagger integration and documentation)
  • V3 client now supports AD auth to webservice

User Interface (UI)

  • All tables now allow you to select which columns are displayed
    All columns can now be used as a filter
    All types moved to dedicated menu

Bug Fixes

  • Blank name in deployment system causes deployment system picker to error (sort delegate)

Other Release Notes