There are lots of decisions that need to be taken when planning and executing a VDI, DaaS, or similar large-scale migration project. The problem is the very first decision that should be taken – the app package and delivery format you will use – is often the decision that is neglected until deep into the project. It is then often too late to fully optimise the project, so the order of your decision-making process is important.

Arguably, the order of your decisions has more of an impact on the trajectory and ultimate outcome of your project than any of the individual decisions themselves.

The Decision Before the Decision

Let’s clarify what we are talking about when planning a VDI or DaaS migration project:

Step One, Decision One

I need to make lots of decisions, but the first decision I should make is the application package and delivery format I will use.

Step Two, Decision Two

Choosing an application delivery format based on your application estate and the end goal you want to achieve:

Step Three and subsequent steps

Decisions on datacentres, networking, storage, security, vendors, etc.



The Game of Life Analogy

We can use the popular board game The Game of Life as an analogy for what we are talking about. It is a game where you have to make a lot of decisions, often influenced by external factors beyond your control: go to college or start a career, buy a starter home, change career, get married, etc.

Just like a VDI or DaaS migration project, each decision you take impacts your final standing at the end of the game.

The big difference is that, in The Game of Life, the first decision you need to make is predetermined, i.e., you have to choose between going to college or jumping straight into work. As with a VDI or DaaS migration project, the choice you make with this first decision dictates much of your progress in the rest of the game.

The difference with your migration project is your first decision is not predetermined. You need to choose.

Now let’s look at why making a decision on app packaging and delivery formats should be your very first consideration.

Why App Packaging and Delivery Formats Should Be Considered at the Outset of Your Project

To understand why app packaging and delivery format decisions should come before everything else in your VDI or DaaS migration project, it is important to consider the most important influence on project success – your users.

Sure, the success of a VDI/DaaS migration project can also be measured in cost savings, complexity reductions, and enhanced control and security. However, if the end-user experience is not up to scratch, all those other wins will mean nothing.

The reality in many large-scale technology projects is there is too much focus on the technology side of things and not enough on end users – at least in the earliest stages. It’s a case of 100 miles-per-hour to get all the technical elements in place with application packaging formats being an afterthought.

Of course, decisions on networking, datacentres, and the like will also have an impact on end-user experience. However, a user’s biggest measure of success (after being able to log into their new VDI) is whether or not they can install the apps they need and then use them how they like to use them.

We have direct experience with this where we have witnessed organisations make technology choices before app packaging format choices. This situation typically leads to wholesale changes further into the project that can include compromising with a hybrid mix of technologies or going for the nuclear option and starting all over again.

Think App Packaging Formats First

To take an application-first approach, you should start by getting a complete overview of your application estate. As you probably have thousands if not tens of thousands of applications, it is best to automate this process with a tool like Access Capture AppScan. You can also use analytics tools like Access Symphony Insights to get a deep dive understanding of current performance in terms of users, apps, and assets.

With this information, you can make an informed decision on application packaging formats based on the type of VDI or DaaS you are migrating to. This then leads to all the other decisions you need to make to move the project forward and achieve the success you are aiming for.


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