Investing time and money into a platform like ServiceNow is a considerable commitment for any organisation. To get the most out of your investment and achieve the best possible outcomes, your team must use the ServiceNow platform for as many tasks, processes, and workflows as possible. What happens if ServiceNow doesn’t have the native functionality that you need?

Examples we can use include application discovery and application user acceptance testing (UAT) processes. Both are commonly actioned processes in large organisations and enterprises, but they are not part of ServiceNow’s native functionality.

So, what are your options? The two most common options are to continue using your existing manual process or to use a different service. Continuing to use a manual process means you are losing out on the benefits of automation. Using a different service can increase automation, but it means your team will be using different platforms to complete different tasks. This leads to inefficiencies and other risks and challenges.

There is a middle-ground approach where you can use a third-party service that is integrated with ServiceNow. It is not always easy to find services with the level of integration that you need. This is because many solution vendors are fully committed to their own user interfaces (UIs) so would prefer it if you didn’t use the ServiceNow UI.

At Access IT Automation, we take a different approach. We have built our Access Capture tools with integration at the top of our priority list. We have our own UI if you need it, but most of our customers continue to use their existing platforms with Access Capture functionality plugged in.


Integrating Access Capture with ServiceNow

Access Capture offers a range of automation and management tools for the discovery, packaging, deployment, and testing of applications and app packages in your organisation. Your team can leverage the power of these tools within ServiceNow, making Access Capture the ideal middle-ground approach for tasks like application packaging, application discovery, and UAT.

We have created a full set of Rest APIs for Access Capture that puts you in control, enabling you to use the features and tools in Access Capture to automate tasks via ServiceNow.


Watch: Application User Acceptance Testing with ServiceNow and Access Capture

This blog is the second in a series covering the capabilities of Access Capture within ServiceNow. In the first blog in the series, we demonstrated how to complete a non-interactive job, i.e., a job where a standard catalog item is created, and the system does the rest. For that example, we simulated an application packaging request processed through ServiceNow where the output from Access Capture was an MSIX package.

Access Capture can also be used within ServiceNow to complete interactive tasks where there is more involvement from technical resources and users. We have created a video that demonstrates using Access Capture’s integration with ServiceNow to complete an application functional UAT process.

  • In the first video, the UAT job is sent to Access Capture with the creation of a ServiceNow catalog item. We also explain the process flow that was created using Flow Designer, ServiceNow’s codeless automation tool. This video brings the process up to the point where the user receives an email asking them to complete the UAT – watch the video

  • In the second video, we’ll see the output of the UAT before going back to the flow that we created in ServiceNow to complete the process. The end result is a finalised UAT and a complete ServiceNow RITM – watch the video

Other ServiceNow and Access Capture Integration Videos

We have other videos in this series that demonstrate the potential of Access Capture’s integration with ServiceNow. They include videos that demonstrate how you can automate application packaging and testing with Access Capture using ServiceNow.

We will also be publishing additional videos in the future, including videos that show how you can use ServiceNow and Access Capture to complete larger jobs, such as packaging and smoke testing applications in bulk.

A crucial point to remember with Access Capture’s integration with ServiceNow is the flexibility and adaptability of the tools and functionality. We have developed our platform and APIs to be as versatile as possible so you can tailor a solution according to your requirements. Furthermore, you’ll have full support from the experienced Access IT Automation team. Get in touch today to find out more.

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