Over the past couple of months, we have been talking a lot about how mature MSIX really is and laid out an enterprise roadmap to a smooth MSIX adoption over the next three years. And with good reason! We are thrilled to announce that we have just formally partnered with Microsoft to help drive early adoption for MSIX, Microsoft’s new application packaging format. 

The goal of this partnership is to get critical real-world feedback on feature capabilities and product quality that will be used to determine when MSIX is ready for broad enterprise deployment as well as give customers the opportunity to start transitioning their applications to the new application packaging format in a productive environment as soon as possible.

How Working With Microsoft Benefits Our Joint Customers

As a Microsoft partner, we provide the Microsoft MSIX development team with:

  • Real-world insights on how some of the largest organizations in the world are using (or planning to use) MSIX,
  • Immediate reporting on product bugs or potential flaws early on as well as verifying bug fixes,
  • Suggestions for new product features based on customer input

Having full access to Microsoft developers means that we have the rare opportunity to give real-world feedback in regular meetings with the MSIX development team. Because we get early access to MSIX code, documentation, and resources as well as notifications of key milestones and interim builds, we are able to provide feedback on the platform while it is still being designed and developed.

We hope to translate our unique on-the-ground customer insights to request and receive quick fixes to approved builds for project blocking issues as well as new features. It is great to see how our feedback is being listened and transformed into actionable features for our clients.

Additionally, the Microsoft team has been dedicated to supporting our production environment and is providing us with the highest level of technical support — resulting in fast issue escalation and resolution.

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John Vintzel, the PM Lead of MSIX at Microsoft, said about the partnership:

“It is partnerships like these that allow us at Microsoft to gain first-hand insight into customer experiences and real-world challenges in the critical early development and adoption phases of our new app packaging platform. Having Access IT Automation as part of our partner ecosystem gives us at Microsoft real-world insights into how large enterprise clients will use MSIX in an automated application packaging scenario.” 

David Butler-Mcallister, COO at Access IT Automation and Development Lead of Access Capture said:

“There are many advantages that MSIX brings to the table and our clients, some of the world’s largest financial organizations and enterprises, are excited to start evaluating and testing MSIX for broader deployment. However MSIX is in continues development and enhancement, so we partnered with Microsoft to facilitate early adoption for our customers because it lets us interact with early code, their latest API’s, as well as their developers. This way, we have an active part in shaping it while preparing Access Capture to be the ideal platform to manage your MSIX packaging and testing.”

Are you an enterprise or a large organization looking to adopt MSIX within the next 24 months in broad deployment? Schedule a consultation with us today to learn how you can take advantage of this opportunity.

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