Establishing strong partnerships with companies who have a similar vision to ours is a core priority for us at Access IT Automation. That is why we are delighted to announce a partnership with TLUX.

TLUX operates in the EUC (end-user computing) space specialising in application packaging, windows migration, and Microsoft 365 migration solutions. Those solutions include project support, strategy development, and training. The expertise and core focus areas of TLUX are perfectly aligned with Access IT Automation and our industry-leading automation tools Access Capture and Access Symphony.

Access Capture automates application packaging, testing, and publishing at scale, improving accuracy and the end user experience, while significantly reducing the resources, time, and money that is required to complete application packaging processes.

Access Symphony is a suite of collaboration and problem-solving tools that empower users and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your technical resources.


Perfect Partnership

David Butler-McAllister, Access IT Automation Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, welcomed the new partnership with TLUX.

David said: “Working in the areas of Windows migrations, VDI migrations, application packaging, EUC, and user experience, I have come across TLUX on many occasions down through the years. They have an excellent reputation in the industry alongside great experience in the types of projects that our solutions have been designed to support – support through automation, collaboration, and better access to data.

“So, I see this partnership between Access IT Automation and TLUX as the perfect fit.

“We have built our Access Capture and Access Symphony solutions in collaboration with the industries and customers that we serve. We also continue to enhance and further develop the solutions as business processes, technologies, and challenges evolve.

“I am excited by the wider reach that our solutions will now have because of this partnership with TLUX, and I am looking forward to working even closer with the TLUX team.”

Expanded Offering

Co-Founder and Head of Business Development, Crispin Luxton from TLUX, welcomed the new partnership with Access IT Automation.

Crispin said: “We have extensive experience in application packaging and ensuring best practice standards are adhered to. We also have a lot of experience helping clients with major IT projects where application packaging plays a significant role. Examples include Microsoft 365 migrations, migrations to the latest version of Windows operating systems, and cloud migrations where customers move users to virtual desktops.

“These projects can involve hundreds or even thousands of users and a similar number of applications. As a result, we understand the challenges that can arise with application packaging and testing processes and the importance of having powerful, flexible, and customisable automation tools.

“We can see the considerable benefits that Access Capture has to streamline application packaging, testing, and related processes while saving our clients time and money. Our clients will also benefit from the tools and features included in the Access Symphony suite of products as TLUX is also at the forefront of helping our customers optimise the efficiency of their technical resources while at the same time improving the experience of users and ensuring they maintain high levels of productivity.

“We are in the early stages of the formal relationship, but we are already implementing platforms from Access IT Automation in our client projects. I see this as a growth area for our business as we now have an expanded service offering.

Partnering for a Better EUC Future

David Butler-McAllister from Access IT Automation also encouraged other companies in the EUC space to enquire about partnership opportunities. David said: “My experience of partnerships with various companies is that we are better together. There are more opportunities when working together, customers are better served, and projects are delivered more effectively and efficiently.

“So, yes, I would encourage other companies in the EUC space to start a dialogue with us to explore the potential benefits and possibilities of a partnership with Access IT Automation. That could be in the application packaging field or a related area.

“At Access IT Automation, we are all for partnerships that deliver a better EUC future and help drive commercial success and growth. If this aligns with your values, get in touch today.”

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