Enhancing the user experience and driving IT efficiency and cost savings is what we are about at Access IT Automation, so we are delighted to announce a new partnership with Liquit. Liquit, which was acquired by US based Recast Software, offers an application management platform that gives technology staff greater control while improving the experience of users.

The Liquit platform perfectly complements Access Capture, the industry-leading application packaging and testing platform from Access IT Automation.

With Access Capture, enterprises and large organisations can automate the normally time and resource-intensive processes required to package and test applications in a suitable format. Those repackaged applications can then be made available to end users via the Liquit platform, with technical staff benefiting from the extensive controls offered by the platform to manage application access.


Access Capture by Access IT Automation

  • Application scanning and discovery to get a detailed understanding of the application estate while also creating comprehensive package documentation.
  • Automated, fast, and effective application packaging with a 90 percent success rate across all common application formats including MSIX, MSI, App-V, App Volumes, and app attach.
  • Automated and on-demand application testing that uses 95 percent fewer resources compared to manual application testing.


Liquit’s Application Management Platform

  • Liquit Workspace where end users can access their applications with a focus on productivity, consistency, and usability across any device.
  • Liquit Access Manager that technical resources can use to streamline and simplify application access management.
  • Liquit Release & Patch Management to ensure applications are fully patched and kept up to date.

Platform Synergies

David Butler-McAllister, Access IT Automation Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, welcomed the partnership because of the synergies that exist between Access Capture and Liquit.

David said: “Manually packaging, testing, and managing access to applications is viable when you have tens of applications to look after. When you move up into the range of hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of applications and similar numbers of users, the levels of complexity and time required to package, test, and manage grows exponentially.

“In fact, it is so complex, costly, and time-consuming to do manually that many companies simply don’t. Instead, they retain old technologies, delay modernisation projects, and limit improvements to the employee experience.

“Platforms like Access Capture and Liquit are the solutions as they bring reliable, consistent, and fully customisable automation to the application management process. The benefits are many, from improving the robustness and security of your application estate to enhancing DEX across your entire organisation to facilitating progress on your digital transformation journey.

“I am excited about our new partnership and the opportunities it offers to our customers and the new customer relationships I know we will establish.”


Complementary Features

Keith Joseph, Territory Manager for Liquit in the United Kingdom and Ireland also welcomed the new partnership between Access IT Automation and Liquit.

Keith said: “We have established partnerships with technology companies across the world, but the partnership with Access IT Automation is unique. There are commercial opportunities for both companies, but it is the enhanced offering that is now available to enterprises that I am excited about.

“We know application management – it is what we live and breathe, and our Liquit platform is trusted by companies across the world in a range of different industries.

“Similarly, Access IT Automation has an unrivalled level of knowledge of automated application packaging and testing. The complementary nature of our two technologies will benefit enterprises large and small.”

Supporting App Management and Improving the User Experience in Your Organisation

At Access IT Automation, we do more than offer a platform. Access Capture is the bedrock of our automation technology, but our complete solution offering includes full support to customise and configure the platform according to your specific requirements. To find out more about how Access Capture and the Liquit platform can benefit your organisation, please get in touch.

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