If you use Azure Marketplace, you will know it simplifies the process of finding, trying, and buying cloud software and services. It is a convenient and efficient way to extend the capabilities of your environment, including giving your organisation the automation and application management capabilities of Access Capture.

At Access IT Automation, we have made many core Access Capture components available on the Azure Marketplace and our development team continues to enhance this functionality of our platform.

The Access IT Automation Approach

Flexibility is a core driver of our technical development process, as we aim to provide our customers with options that best suit their requirements. This could mean installing Access Capture’s components on traditional infrastructure as well as ultra-modern solutions using Kubernetes.

For many of our customers, the most straightforward and cost-effective approach is to use the platform you are already bought into – Microsoft Azure. That’s why we invested in Azure’s App Services platform to ensure the Access Capture components that you want to use are available on Azure Marketplace.

Whatever method you use to deploy the features of Access Capture in your organisation, you will get the full support of our technical team. Using the Azure Marketplace offers a range of benefits.


Benefits of Using Azure Marketplace to Install and Run Access Capture

Streamlined Deployment

Like other applications you find on the Azure Marketplace, Access Capture has been pre-configured for Azure. This makes deployment as straightforward as possible, with full support from our expert team and minimal steps or complexities to install, set up, and run.


Integrated Billing and Minimised Costs

A key advantage of using Azure Marketplace is unified billing, where the apps or services that you purchase appear on your regular Azure bill. Therefore, a subscription model for Access Capture is currently in development and will be available in Q4 2023 on Azure Marketplace. With this new feature, not only will you have just one billing resource to manage, but you can also make sure your costs are fully controlled, helping to maximise return on investment.


Tested Compatibility

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Access IT Automation is the hands-on and detailed customer service that we offer to our customers. That customer service includes full technical support to ensure you get maximum benefits from the automation tools and features of our Access Capture product.

In other words, whatever platform you have and whatever the method of deployment, we’ll work with you to ensure a seamless experience. That said, we also understand that tested compatibility is one of the big advantages of using Azure Marketplace. Therefore, as Access Capture is available on the Marketplace, you can have added confidence that it will be fully compatible with your Azure-based infrastructure.


Trusted Vendor

Access IT Automation is a trusted Microsoft partner, enhancing your confidence levels even further. Our partnership with Microsoft is a high priority in our business and we work hard to ensure our applications and services exceed Microsoft’s requirements while enhancing the functionality and capabilities of crucial Microsoft services like Azure.


Continuous Updates

Our development team continuously updates Access Capture on the Marketplace to keep pace with Azure’s own updates. As a result, you will always have access to the latest, most secure, and robust version of Capture.


Security Vetted by Microsoft

At Access IT Automation, we invest heavily and work hard to ensure our software and platforms are secure. This ensures they meet Microsoft’s strict and highly specific security standards. From your point of view, you can have even greater confidence in the suitability and reliability of Access Capture because, like all other applications on the Azure Marketplace, it has been vetted by Microsoft.

Find Access Capture on Azure Marketplace

You can find Access Capture on Azure Marketplace on this link. As always, our team is here to help you achieve your goals by providing full support that will ensure your project runs smoothly. Get started on Azure Marketplace today and make sure you check back in Q4 2023 when our new subscription-based offering becomes available.

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