Isn’t it time to get your app packaging and testing structure right?

Check out our conclusive list below of how you can structure your app packaging and testing structure.

How To Set Up Your App Packaging & Testing Structure

  1. An App Management team for packaging and testing – is an operational team that consists of all the roles we try and automate or supplement with CAPTURE.

This would consist of 4 options…. like:

  1. Outsourcing to a Vendor
  2. Hybrid (specialist packaging consultancies or direct contractors) + Internal App Management team
  3. Fully-internal app management employees
  4. Fully-internal app management employees + Automation tooling (from a vendor (like capture) – or built internally

Outsourcing Application Management To A Support Group

One of the least involved approaches is to outsource all application management tasks to a third-party vendor. This so-called support group looks after all the actual packaging, testing, support, version control, and everything else. The only exception is purchasing and licensing the software which has to go through an internal financial controller.

There’s no real management around who is testing what product or how — they roughly know what everyone in the organization uses. This option is suitable for organizations that don’t have in-house skills or resources. However, if you are planning to automate a large portion of your application management, you should consider one of the two options below.

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