Traditionally, application packaging and testing was a relatively siloed process done almost entirely by specialized teams. The application owners would submit a packaging or testing request and be available to supply further information, files, or data if needed. Other than that, they had to sit tight and wait. Also developers and technology and operations teams had to rely on the application packaging and testing teams — a process that could take weeks and hold up the development process or entire IT transformation projects.

However, with Windows 10, Office 365, and many other business applications/technology components requiring multiple upgrades a year in addition to monthly patches and security updates, this modus operandum isn’t feasible anymore. The pace of technology change requires application owners as well as other stakeholders to package and/or test their applications within minutes (or at least as a batch over the weekend) using self-service. The process now must be as automated, self-healing, and smart workflow-driven as possible to make application packaging and testing a quick tick in a checkbox rather than a massive roadblock.

Introducing Automated Self-Service Application Packaging & Testing For All Stakeholders

Although Access Capture has always been easy to use and self-service driven, we often heard from the technology teams, operations, internal developers, or even business unit employees that they wanted a solution that is specifically tailored to just them.

Starting today, there will be four different solution packs targeting employees, developers, operations, and technology. Each of those four solution packs is a distinct module which can be bought either as stand-alone solution or as an entire solution pack.


Let’s have a closer look at each.

Access IT Automation For Employees

Employees in general have very little access to IT automation. Our goal is to empower all non-technical business units’ employees to take ownership of the health, performance, and stability of their device to create and maintain a highly productive environment without having to utilize valuable IT resources.

For example, the Access Enterprise Service Management solution for employees allows end users to use self-service to diagnose and fix the most common IT issues themselves without having to raise an IT ticket. The Access Remote Worker Management and Remote Worker Training enables organizations who have shifted to Work-from-Anywhere or naturally have a large remote work force to give their coworkers the tools to maintain high productivity. Finally, the Access Application Management solution for employees allows application owners to package and test their applications end-to-end themselves while still enforcing internal standards and protocols. 

[Learn more about Access IT Automation’s solution for employees.]

Access IT Automation For Developers

Just like application owners, developers tremendously benefit from being empowered to package and test their own applications. With Access Application Management solution for developers, organizations can streamline, accelerate, and improve the development process as the dev team can test and re-test their apps as well as package them in the formats they need quickly and easily.

But it doesn’t stop there. With Access Analytics Management, they can monitor their environment with built-in listeners as well as internal and external triggers to spot anything out-of-the-ordinary. In addition, Access Testing and API Testing Management for Developers allows your dev team to perform non-functional testing, performance testing, smoke testing (with video output), and user experience testing, as well as certification and DevOps testing — using either the traditional UI-based or the modern API-driven tooling.

[Learn more about Access IT Automation’s solution for development teams.]



Access IT Automation For Operations

IT operations managers keep everything running smoothly and the more real-time insights they have into what is going on in their environment, the faster and more decisively they can react. Access Application Management for Operations allows them to discover, package, and test applications themselves, while Access Enterprise Service Management, Assets Insights, and Analytics Management give them the tools to self-diagnose and fix occurring IT issues, closely monitor the entire IT environment and proactively or reactively intervene, and much more.

[Learn more about Access IT Automation’s solution for operations teams.]

Fix Engine ManagementConsole_FixReports

Access IT Automation For Technology

Finally, you can empower your technology teams to package and test applications themselves without the constant back and forth with IT using Access Application Management. Enterprise Service Management for Technology teams gives your team all the tools they need to proactively and reactively intervene with occurring issues before they become bigger problems, use self-service to diagnose and fix common problems, and much more.

Access Testing Management puts technology in the driver’s seat to carry out smoke testing, performance testing, CORE applications testing, and user experience testing when and as you need it. Finally, with Access Remote Training you can roll out indirect testing and automatic sign-off to all of your end users, ensuring they get the most out of their upgrades. This not only makes any IT Transformation project and Evergreen IT Management cycle faster and easier, but allows them to drive Digital Transformation forward as it transforms their impact, speed, and delivery.

[Learn more about Access IT Automation’s solution for technology teams.]

We would love to hear your feedback on our new IT Automation solutions. Feel free to email me directly at or comment below.


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