There is a well-known idiom that says no man (or woman) is an island. Our belief at Access IT Automation is that this also applies in the world of business. Businesses cannot be successful as self-sufficient or isolated entities, and having business-to-customer and business-to-supplier relationships is not enough. Partnership arrangements are also crucial.

Access IT Automation is not an island, and we are proud of that fact. We are part of a growing community of companies and organisations with similar values and shared goals and with partnership relationships built on trust and mutual respect. Find out more on the new partnerships page that we have launched on our website.

The partnerships we are establishing are central to our growth strategy at Access IT Automation, and I am excited by the ecosystem that we are part of building.

It’s an ecosystem with modern desktop enablement, end-user computing (EUC), the digital employee experience (DEX), and application management at its core. From sharing knowledge to fuelling innovation to creating new opportunities, the potential is endless as companies across all sectors continue along their digital transformation roadmap.

What Partnerships Mean to Us at Access IT Automation

Moving away from a they-win-or-we-win situation is part of pursuing a partnership strategy, as winning together is always the most beneficial and lucrative long-term approach. That said, winning together is only one of the advantages of developing partnerships within our ecosystem.

Partnerships create opportunities for knowledge sharing and innovation, while enhancing brand profiles, extending the customer base, and opening up new markets.

Like us, our partners are on a journey. It’s fantastic to be a part of their journeys and we are delighted that they are part of ours as Access IT Automation continues to grow and move forward.

Each partnership is different, with a focus on the unique aspects of the company involved. For example, we have system integrator partners who use our automation solutions Access Capture (for application management) and Access Symphony (for endpoint management) to enhance their customer offering with a focus on optimising the end-user experience and facilitating cloud adoption and digital transformation initiatives.

Our automation solutions are also integrated with a number of technology partners as another example of the types of partnerships that we continue to build.


Mutual Growth Through Partnerships

There are examples of the benefits of business partnerships everywhere. If we look at just one, it’s clear to see the potential for mutual growth through partnerships.

This example starts with Apple developing the first incarnation of the iPhone. It could have decided to develop a plethora of apps in-house within a closed ecosystem that iPhone users could download and use. Apple took a different approach by creating the App Store and opening it up to any partner organisation that wanted to get involved. This put Apple on a path that led it to become the most valuable company in the world. It also created a brand-new industry of app developers that today is made up of successful companies across the world.

The partnership model in this Apple example is only one approach. The central feature – the key to success – is the partnership strategy.

We are passionate about our partnership strategy at Access IT Automation, and we are always interested to connect and partner with companies with similar purposes, values, and goals to our own.

I’ll finish with an invitation to get in touch to explore the partnership opportunities that exist between your organisation and Access IT Automation. It would be fantastic to align our respective journeys and move forward together.

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