Just some of the latest challenges facing the IT world.

There are numerous factors affecting the way we perceive IT and the way in which this can affect your organization overall. The list below is just some of them.

Real-world IT Challenges

  • It requires dedicated resources and a budget. This is the point where most organizations go wrong. The Microsoft marketing machine hyped up the ease of Windows 10 Servicing to the point where enterprises think they don’t need a dedicated project or resources as the upgrades are a very simple process that can be done on the side. This results in a mess!
  • Evergreen IT doesn’t just happen. Evergreen IT requires an initial one-time organizational/setup effort (see below) as well as ongoing maintenance and improvements. Both steps must be supported through the right tooling, people, and processes.
  • Organizational effort in the beginning. Evergreen IT is like keeping a neat closet. To start, you need to take everything out, sort it, fold it, and evaluate what can be donated/thrown away/packed into storage. Then you have to adjust the shelves and draws to fit your needs before putting everything back inside. Meaning, that you will need to inventory, normalize, rationalize, and categorize your application and hardware estate, evaluate your processes, and much more to move to a tightly managed state.
  • Agile mindset and the willingness to tune and improve. To stay with my closet metaphor above, your Evergreen IT also requires neatness and discipline every time you take something out or do laundry to keep it neat.

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