Access IT Automation’s premise for 2021 and beyond is to enable Modern Desktops for enterprises everywhere and anywhere. This means that with Access IT Automation you will be able to enable all applications, all users, and all devices, whether you are utilizing our solutions on-promise, in a hybrid solution, or hosted in the cloud.

A few weeks ago, we announced Access AppScan being hosted on Microsoft Azure which was an important step into this direction. Today, I am thrilled to announce that we are now hosting Access Capture, our application packaging and testing automation solution on Microsoft Azure as well.

Benefits Of Access Capture On Microsoft Azure

While using Access Capture on-promise or in a hybrid scenario has many advantages, hosting our automated application packaging and testing solution in Microsoft Azure comes with its own benefits.

By using Access Capture on Microsoft Azure, you can take advantage of the powerful Azure infrastructure as all the services and components, e.g., Azure networking, SQL databases, virtual machines (in this case Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)), have to run inside Azure. In addition, authentication into the infrastructure is running through Azure Active Directory rather than just Active Directory (AD) or another Single Sign-On (SSO) method. Everything is completely containerized accessed through a client-facing website.

Because Access Capture runs entirely in Microsoft Azure, you can take advantage of the infrastructure’s powerful performance, scalability, and security capabilities. You are also able to move your data easily from one data center to another and scale your virtual machines or Windows Virtual Desktop machine pools as needed.

Also, you will be using an internal Azure services storage environment (Azure File Storage Manager = think cloud version of Windows File Explorer) for hosting the source files on as well as extracts from any completed jobs (e.g., readily packaged MSIX source files).  These Azure-hosted files are authenticated by Azure AD.

Finally, application delivery becomes a breeze as Azure is a self-service, fully containerized, and managed environment regarding application deployment. Within Azure, you already have Active Directory and Microsoft Intune running, which means you can deliver any MSIX down into your environment without anything additional and utilizing what you already have in place. Consequently, all of your application modernization and management processes are centrally managed by Access Capture within Azure.

Who Should Use Access Capture On Azure?

While companies of all sizes can utilize this offering, at the moment we expect small to medium-size organizations to benefit from Access Capture hosted on Azure the most. Once Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is more mature, large to very large organizations will increasingly move to our Azure-hosted Capture solution or develop a hybrid solution that allows them to take advantage of both worlds.

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