There is a revolution happening in the corporate IT environment that is changing the way users interact with their devices and applications. The days of a box under a desk connected to a server are all but gone, with new, innovative, and productivity-enhancing approaches to digital workspace management now becoming the norm. At the forefront of this revolution is Liquidware and its FlexApp platform. Today, we are delighted to announce that Liquidware FlexApp is now integrated with Access Capture.

Liquidware FlexApp is an advanced technology that dynamically containerizes and attaches applications, greatly enhancing the efficiency and speed of application delivery. This method substantially reduces the need for extensive base image management and enables swift and straightforward updates for applications. Users get instant access to their applications as if they were running natively on the machine, with enhanced security, compliance, and technical oversight. As well as improvements in productivity and a better user experience, corporations using Liquidware FlexApp can also reduce application delivery costs.

Access Capture is the industry-leading application packaging, testing, and deployment platform from Access IT Automation. It automates time-consuming and resource-intensive manual processes, delivering efficiency benefits and substantial cost savings. It is also completely flexible as Access Capture has been developed with integration principles at its core, with various APIs available to adapt to any requirement.

It is Access Capture’s integration principles and flexibility that are at the heart of the partnership with Liquidware FlexApp.

Any Workflow and All Technology Choices

David Butler-McAllister, Access IT Automation Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, said: “I am delighted that Liquidware FlexApp is now integrated with Access Capture. This integration brings a framework of APIs that make application packaging, testing, and delivery easier than ever before.

“Liquidware FlexApp users now have the ability to use Access Capture’s feature-rich user acceptance testing features. In fact, Access Capture can manage all packaging and testing requirements on any platform.

“As it’s an API-driven technology, Access Capture can be integrated with any workflow covering all your technology choices, ensuring unified, efficient, and cost-effective application management.

“It has been a pleasure working with the Liquidware team to date and I look forward to strengthening our partnership in the months and years to come.”

Jason E. Smith, VP of Alliances and Product Marketing at Liquidware, said: “Like Access IT Automation, developing strong partnerships strengthens our offering while bringing Liquidware benefits to our partners. The FlexApp platform continues to go from strength to strength and we are excited that Access IT Automation will now be part of our journey and that we will be part of theirs.

“The Access Capture product is a proven technology that delivers significant and tangible benefits to corporations of any size. I know its integration with FlexApp will be welcomed by the entire FlexApp community.


Using Access Capture to UAT Applications

Watch our video to see the Access Capture and FlexApp integration in action with the UAT of applications.


The Power of Partnerships

The integration of FlexApp with Access Capture and our partnership with Liquidware is the latest chapter in our partnership story. David Butler-McAllister said: “Corporate customers need a wide range of capabilities, technologies, and skills to achieve their digital transformation and technology modernisation goals. That could be a migration to Microsoft 365, for example, or a VDI migration.

“At Access IT Automation, we are the best in the business when it comes to application packaging, testing, and deployment. We have the best technologies, and our people are highly skilled, experienced, and adaptable.

“Partnering with like-minded companies means our customers benefit from not just our capabilities and technologies, but the capabilities and technologies of our partners. Our integrated, joined-up approach also streamlines project delivery. The same applies on the other side of the equation where our partner’s customers get the benefits of Access IT Automation’s expertise and products.

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